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My Favourite Comments

The WordPress communiy is a wonderful set of people. They are quick to share, comment, advise and help. It is customary in the WordPress neighbourhood to answer comments ASAP. It is also de rigeur for the recipient of a comment to say thank you and for the originator of the comment to reply with You’re Welcome or My pleasure.

When I first launched my blog, I used to be thrilled beyond measure by every comment. I thought this novelty would wear off eventually, but after one whole year in the blogosphere it hasn’t. Now more than 200 posts later,I still get a frisson of excitement whenever I see a comment.

Some of these comments are so uplifting that they keep you going if ever you have second thoughts about blogging.

I received a really nice one a few days ago. It was from Hints for Happy Living who commented on my post Thought Provoker’s. I am sharing it with you here.

Indeed thought provoking post!
I loved reading your answers and knowing you a little more😊
The way you described happiness is perfect!
“Happiness is the only real thing. If you are not happy, nothing will seem beautiful no matter how perfect.” ❤
I’m gonna write it down in my quotes diary. 😄

Thank you for such a nice comment. You’ve made my day.
It is 9:30 am in my part of the world so it’s great to receive a positive vibe early n the day.


This wonderful comment gave me the idea of sharing a few of the other particularly nice comments that I have received. I hope people don’t tink that I am blowing my own trumpet. I am merely sharing my good fortune.

Here are some of the wonderful things that kind peolpe have said to me :


A comment on my post Dealing with Smart Pone Dependence


Great post with some excellent points. I like many, find smartphones a big time waster. I think they are useful for sure, but as you write so well, they can certainly be addictive. I try to limit myself to using my phone only to text back and forth with Lynn during the day when at work. I suffer from anxiety from time to time and being able to text and/or talk with her at work, helps to alleviate the anxiety. She’s much cheaper than a therapist or medication. lol

I do like the idea of “increasing your RAM”. We get so wrapped up in using technology, that we forget the “technology” that resides in the 6 inches between our ears – our brains. I often write simple drafts of blog posts using “old school” pen and paper. I find the tactile connection between looking, thinking, writing, the pen and the paper almost a relief.

The technology is good, and like you say, needs to be used in moderation. It is a thin edge through, between moderate and adequate use and addiction.


Rory, of A Guy Called Bloke, hosted a series of Blog Series Questions. One of these resulted in my post:
blog series questions question mark

Feb 28, 2019·

User Info

Nicely expressed Tanya, the philosophy is always to write for yourself first and foremost – that’s not saying you don’t ever write for an audience, because we all do. Sometimes pieces will be longer than other times, it’s not down to you to interpret what will be read and by whom, but by the readers themselves to make the cognitive decision to read a piece short or long.
Once more nicely answered and thanks for the input to the question

User Info

Dr. Tanya:

I’m going to reblog your post as well, because it’s not only a great question, but it’s got me curious. That’s why I’m going to pass your post on to my readers to see what their thoughts are. This is going to be interesting!

Personally, I write what I want to write about, and hope my posts have universal appeal. I typically make sure they have a long life, and are of interest today, tomorrow, and beyond. My blog is set up so that readers can easily scroll down to see a wide variety of topics, with both a featured image, and other select images throughout.

I have learned however, that longer posts have less appeal than shorter ones, probably for the same reason that you mentioned. If it takes too much time to get to the crux (not necessarily the end) of the post, readers will move on. Though challenging on occasion, I do my best to “spark” the type of collective interest which is in-line with my “no beating around the bush” personality.

Thankfully, I do have a number of readers that visit me time and again. They don’t come in hoards, but they do come. If I choose the right key words, and categories, I get new visitors too. If I get 10 Likes, I consider it a good post, 20 Likes, I’m chuffed and almost over the moon. Over time, the Likes have grown, so patience is my friend. Comments are my favorite, and while those only come in small handfuls, I’m happy to receive them too.

The main reason I blog is to feel the excitement that comes with pushing the PUBLISH button to deliver a post I feel somebody else will like me sharing. Once pushed, I believe that if even half a percent of the WordPress community comes to visit on occasion I’ll keep my spark just the way it is!

Although poetry is not my forte, I sometimes jot down a bit of free verse such as Looking for leisure.


Looking for leisure.

leisure woman on hammock

Debbie Gravett

Dec 5, 2018·

User Info

Lovely poem conveying what I’m sure a lot of people feel in the rat race we call life. Love, love, love the picture with the hammock. I can picture myself getting alone, quiet time and contemplating life, or reading. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

I love doing list posts. They are fun to write and easy for people to read on the go:

A Lazy Winter Weekend: 10 excuses for staying home.

winter weekend white mug round tray


Dec 9, 2018·

User Info

Very good excuses. Need to save the post for future reference.


These are just a few of the total of 992 comments on my blog so far. I am really grateful to all those who took the time to comment on my posts. “Guys, you did a lot to boost the confidence of this fledgling blogger.”


I will be very grateful if you Like, Follow and Comment on this post too.

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21 thoughts on “My Favourite Comments

  1. Wow, those are some great comments. Congratulations on receiving such positive affirmation. It’s so true that readers’ feedback can be very uplifting.

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  2. I am really pleased when people take the time to comment on my posts and I do try to thank the person who made the comment. However, I kind of find it unnecessary to then get a “you’re welcome” reply to my “thank you” comment and I rarely do that myself. Instead, I will merely “like” the “thank you” comment someone sent to my comment on their post. Does this make any sense?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely. You should just respond in the way you find comfortable.
      At first I used to just like the Thank you . Then I saw other people responding with you’re welcome or my pleasure. So I started doing that too.
      Personally, I think one should just do whatever feels comfortable at any given time.

      Now I don’t know if I have made any sense.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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  3. You are so right that the comments from our readers are what motivates and encourage us to blog better and to continue blogging. When I open my WordPress the first thing I do is to read the comments and answer them. A great idea for the post.

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  4. It is always exciting when readers and followers take the time to leave a meaningful comment on a post. It always adds so much more richness to the conversation. And that’s what this blogging thing is about, for the most part, adding richness and depth to a particular conversation.

    And thanks so much for including a recent conversation we had on a post you wrote. That was a shocker when I saw my name there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with you entirely.
      The discussion in the comments section has as much and sometimes even more value as a post itself.

      You and Lynn have been part of my blogging journey from the very beginning so I had to include you.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Wonderful post to acknowledge the importance of comments! These comments you shared are very constructive and helpful. I remember getting my first comment and how excited I was that someone decided to reach out. It helps me be a better writer.

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