One Liner Wednesday April 10, 2019

Today I am sharing with you the first line from Jane Austen’s classic novel Pride and Prejudice :

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man possessing a large fortune must be in want of a wife.”

Jane Austen can be considered the first feminist author or even the first feminist in England. Writing in the 18th century, she was well ahead of her time in her caricatures and satire of patriarchal society.

Ms. Austen has since inspired many writers of fiction as well as non-fiction. I pride myself on my collection of Jane Austen fan fiction.

These days I am reading a Pakistani author’s local version of Pride and Prejudice. The author is Sonia Kamal and the title of the book is “Unmarriageable”.

I really liked the opening. A young teacher of English literature is introducing her ninth graders to Pride and Prejudice. She writes the first sentence “It is a truth …….”  on the blackboard. Then she  asks her students to rewrite it in their own way. The young girls come up with several different permutations of the famous quote according to their respective views on marriage and relationships.

This prompted me to use this quote for today’s One Liner Wed. I am enjoying the book which is set in Pakistan in the year 2000. I will post a review once I finish.


Written for:

One Liner Wednesday.

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