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Share Your World

Share Your World 4-22-19 APRIL 22, 2019 ~ MELANIE B CEE   This Week’s Questions: What was the last thing you read digital or print? The last thing I read before I began answering these questions was a blog post so digital. If , however, I talk about the last book I read, that was Lethal White by J.K.Rowling writing under the psuedonym Robert Galbraith. … Continue reading Share Your World

One Liner Wednesday April 24th 2019

“If you see someone without a smile, give him one of yours” You might have come across this quote some time or the other, but have you ever tried to put it into practice? I have done it often with children when waiting in queues or doctors appointments etc. Kids usually respond with an answering smile and I love that. I don’t usually have the … Continue reading One Liner Wednesday April 24th 2019