pinocchio fibbing friday

Fribbing Friday — April 26

It’s FRIDAY! You know what that means…time to put on those thinking caps and find the biggest whoppers you can to these questions: What is gelatin? Gel in a tin.   2. What is in blood pudding? Blood of puddings.   3. What is a fairy tale wedding? A wedding that ends with a fairy story.   4. We don’t have to worry about chocolate … Continue reading Fribbing Friday — April 26

raindrops on window a rainy afternoon

A Rainy Afternoon

A gentle breeze, Gathers the clouds: Fluffy and white, Against the blue sky. Gusts of wind’ Gather more clouds. Turning the sky leaden, As a drizzle begins. I sit in my window’ Watching it rain. With a cup of tea And my favourite book. What began as a drizzle, Becomes a heavy downpour. Soon it stops raining, The sun comes out. Painting a rainbow, Across … Continue reading A Rainy Afternoon