raindrops on window a rainy afternoon

A Rainy Afternoon

A gentle breeze,

Gathers the clouds:

Fluffy and white,

Against the blue sky.

v a rainy afternoon

Gusts of wind’

Gather more clouds.

Turning the sky leaden,

As a drizzle begins.

clouds leaden sky a rainy afternoon

I sit in my window’

Watching it rain.

With a cup of tea

And my favourite book.

What began as a drizzle,

Becomes a heavy downpour.

Soon it stops raining,

The sun comes out.

Painting a rainbow,

Across the blue sky.

rainbow a rainy aafternoon



Written for Opposites Attract Challenge April 27

Today’s prompt: fluffy

Antonyms: heavy, leaden

Images : courtesy Pexels.

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