pinocchio fibbing friday

Fribbing Friday — April 26

It’s FRIDAY! You know what that means…time to put on those thinking caps and find the biggest whoppers you can to these questions:

  1. What is gelatin?

Gel in a tin.


2. What is in blood pudding?

Blood of puddings.


3. What is a fairy tale wedding?

A wedding that ends with a fairy story.


4. We don’t have to worry about chocolate going extinct…where does it really come from?

Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The supply is endless as long as the Oompa Loompas are working for him.


5. What is something that the government is hiding from people?

Everything that they need to know about it.


6.  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea didn’t really take place in the ocean, where did it take place?

In the sea, of course, 25, 000 leagues under, Jules Verne got his numbers wrong.


7. What was Hogwarts hiding in the basement?

Contraband . (shhh, don’t tell).


8. What is living in your closet?

Gremlins, creatures that eat up all the clothes I want to wear and regurgitate what I don’t want to wear at all.


9. Why are some streets called dead ends?

Because they can go nowhere. (You can’t call that living).


10. Why are internet speeds slow?

So bloggers can snooze between posts.


Written for Fibbing Friday, a prompt created by Theresa, the haunted wordsmith

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