The Perfect Moment — Question of the Day no. 370

For how long have you waited for the “perfect moment” to come so you could start doing something?

There is no “perfect moment” and “every moment is perfect”. these two phrases are two f aces of the same coin. 

The perfect opportunity or the perfect time is either never present, or is always present. It all depends on how you look at it.

Those who wait for everything to be perfect so that they may begin a venture may find themselves waiting forever. No moment is ideal; there is always something lacking or less than perfect in every situation.

Then there are those whose “carpe diem” moment is any time and any where. These are the people who have the initiative to proceed whatever the odds. They never wait for the right time or the right conditions. They seize the moment and make it come right for themselves.

You may have read that perfectionism leads to procrastination. Those who wait for things or circumstances to be perfect sometimes find themselves waiting forever. There are writers who keep on editing their work again and again, producing one draft after another, never completely satisfied with their work.

Of course the other extreme, of not caring about the odds and plunging headlong into things is not to be condoned either. The best thing is to find the happy medium–a balanced approach.




Written for Question of the day.


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