Two whole oranges,one sliced orange and one orange flower


When you pick up an orange from a bowl of fruit, are you very mindful of what you are doing? Probably not; our general attitude towards food in this day and age is basically one of supply and demand. We feel hungry, we eat. Our body or mind craves comfort food, we supply it. Should this really be the state of affairs? Do people today … Continue reading MIND OVER MUNCH: 6 BENEFITS OF MINDFUL EATING


Silence Can Speak Volumes

Silence speaks volumes SILENCE : Between two people who love each other speaks of companionship, affection, and trust. Between hostile people speaks of anger, resentment and hatred. When accompanied by a smile,speaks of friendship, sympathy and all that is good. While comforting the bereaved, speaks of commiseration. While contemplating marvels of nature, it speaks of wonder, gratitude, and appreciation. Intriguing isn’t it ? How much … Continue reading Silence Can Speak Volumes


I love reading and writing about food. This is a piece by Betul Erbasi at Pointless Overthinking, that I really liked : Wise & Shine Hi everyone, Let’s talk about food today. I have always been interested in human universals and I also have had sufficient enough interaction with people from different cultures. I noticed a lot of similarities between all these people but one … Continue reading Food

ice cream in cone and containers

An ice cream memory

I am seven years old, On holiday with my parents. Mother has to go shopping Father and I have time to kill. We go to an ice cream shop, Order a “tutti fruiti”  each. It comes in a tall glass With an equally long spoon. Scoops of ice cream Layered with strawberry jelly, And tinned fruit; Topped with whipped cream Drizzled with chocolate sauce, It … Continue reading An ice cream memory

One Liner Wednesday 29th May

  ” Alice laughed,”There’s no use trying,”she said, “One can’t believe impossible things.” “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen, “When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” These lines from Alice in Wonderland have always intrigued me. Lewis Carroll wrote them in … Continue reading One Liner Wednesday 29th May

Question Fun– Change & The Unexpected

Question Fun Season 1 – Game 5 Question Fun Directory Welcome to Question Fun The Twice Weekly Game! An easy game, and more so if you love questions! Each game has a topic, and then there are 17 questions relating to the topic – they can be visual, musical, personal, professional, topical, serious, thought provoking, fun, weird and even wacky – the questions will cover … Continue reading Question Fun– Change & The Unexpected

syc two hands world map

Share Your World 5-27-19

Questions: Do you consider yourself a pessimist or an optimist?  An optimist always !  I do get pulled down by things once in a while, but thank God, so far I have always managed to bounce back.   Can War ever be just? If it means liberating the downtrodden from oppression, then i guess it can be justified. But if it brings destruction and despair … Continue reading Share Your World 5-27-19