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One Liner Wednesday May 1st 2019

“It is easy to blame your mother, your father,the government, the environment……” Antonio Banderas playing Pierre Dulane in Hollywood movie ‘Take The Lead’     It is very common for us to blame external factors and forces for our unhappiness, circumstances, failures,  or inability to achieve greatness. When we become independent of external factors and take complete responsibility for our actions, it is only then … Continue reading One Liner Wednesday May 1st 2019

Food Facts — A to Z: D is for Diet

Diet Motivation  No food tastes as good as it feels to : 1. have energy when I get up in the morning . 2. Enjoy a more active life doing the activities I enjoy. 3. Get a better health report at the doctor’s office. 4. Be able to fit into some favourite old clothes (or new). 5. Enjoy living a longer, healthier life and being … Continue reading Food Facts — A to Z: D is for Diet