Question of the day #374: What are your top five priorities?

Question of the day # 374 set me thinking. The question was :

What are your top five priorities?

We go from day to day, busy in our daily routines of work and family without realizing why we are doing what we are. This question made me sit back and take a deep breath. For a moment I was clueless : what really are my priorities ? What is currently most important in my life?

My moment of quiet reflection brought a host of priorities/aims/goals flooding around me from all over. Now came the next bit: which one is most important ?

Priorities are things in constant flux. The moment a priority is achieved/completed, it loses its”most favoured nation” status in your life. This causes priority no. 2 to take its place so that after sometime something that was at the bottom of the priority pile comes to the top. An example of such a priority was my postgraduate degree. It stayed close to the top of the pile for quite a few years, but once achieved, it has been usurped by other things.

But there are some priorities that never move. They remain standing like stalwart soldiers, steadfast despite the buffeting winds of time and circumstance. In my case, my family is this No. 1 priority to which everything else in my life, career, hobbies, interests and friends must yield.

My current Top Five are:

  1. My Family–which always remains numero uno in my life.
  2. My Blog–which appeared on the horizon only a year ago, but has now become very important for me.
  3. My Health–now that I have finally realised that I have to look after my own self if I am to achieve my goals.
  4. My Friends–while I was busy raising my kids and juggling work and post grad studies, my friends took a back seat. But now I am able to spend more time with them.
  5. Re-inventing myself– learning new skills and acquiring new habits.

I am really glad for this reminder to recognise and organise my life goals and priorities. Most of the time one is too busy for this kind of introspection.



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