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The Bake Sale

The small village hospital needed a new X-ray machine. The village folk held a collection and arranged funds for a fancy new digital unit. The payment had been made but there were charges remaining for some accessories that came with the machine. The doctor’s wife got together with some other ladies to organise a bake sale: the proceeds of the sale would go towards the … Continue reading The Bake Sale

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FoodFacts AtoZ: F is for Fibre

  Eat 25g fibre every day. Make your digestive system happy.     Best fibre – rich foods you should eat : split peas, lima beans, lentils, artichoke, avocados, raspberries, chia seeds, quinoa, oatmeal, almonds.   What does 25g of fibre look like?   5.5 large oranges 3.5 cups shredded coconut 7 cups of blueberries 2 cups of peanuts 8 bananas 12.5 ounces of dark … Continue reading FoodFacts AtoZ: F is for Fibre