pink candy in paper cases

The Bake Sale

The small village hospital needed a new X-ray machine. The village folk held a collection and arranged funds for a fancy new digital unit. The payment had been made but there were charges remaining for some accessories that came with the machine.

The doctor’s wife got together with some other ladies to organise a bake sale: the proceeds of the sale would go towards the arrears.The bake sale was a huge success as it had been advertised in neighboring villages.

The village ladies had outdone themselves and created a luscious range of goodies.Fancy cakes like the Cheesecake and  Battenburg cake as well as plain fruitcake and Victoria sponge cake were on display.

Exotic cake names: A cake by any other name
Battenburg cake

But the star attraction were the truffles made by the doctor’s wife. These delicious treats were tiny balls of caramel covered with pretty shell pink frosting.

pink candy in paper cases

Decorated with an assortment of sprinkles, they were sold out within minutes. I bought half a dozen myself and enjoyed them after dinner as I sat by the fire with a cup of  tea and a favourite book.






Written for these prompts:

HWDP-May 2

Three Things Challenge PL-77  doctor, caramel, fire

FOWC with Fandango arrears

Word of the Day luscious

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