Ode to My Friend on the Keto Diet

My friend follows the ketogenic diet,

It is an impossibly strict schedule.

She can have no carbs at all:

No bread, no noodles, no rice, no cookies.

Neither fruit, nor milk, not even in her coffee, 

She uses cream or coconut oil instead.

I would die if I had to give up so many things,

But my friend is tenacious:

You cannot match her discipline.

She follows her diet, even when eating out

Forthright about everything,

She won’t sacrifice her diet, whatever the situation.

Her self-discipline is amazing !

I don’t know how she does it !!


Written for these daily prompts:

Your Daily Word Prompt (tenacious),

The Daily Spur (schedule)

Ragtag Daily Prompt (match),

Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (forthright),

Word of the Day Challenge (noodle).


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