girl facing arrows the strain of modern life

The strain of modern life…

The strain of modern life,

Becomes too much to bear at times.

Multi-tasking, over-committing and over-scheduling,

We try to work faster, harder, better.

coffee laptop man working strain of modern life

Glued to our electronic devices

We expose ourselves to eyestrain.

Making our perception cloudy,

This lifestyle makes us miss out on the important things.

Things like spending time with family

And hanging out with old friends.

two friends on chairs strain of modern life

We also tend not to notice

Certain obvious little joys.

Raindrops, rainbows, the first flowers of spring,

Sunrises, sunsets; so many wondrous things.



Written for

Stream of Consciousness Saturday SoCS : strain

Word of the Day challenge– cloudy

Word of the Day challenge–obvious



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