pinocchio fibbing friday

Fibbing Friday– May 10

I didn’t forget today was Friday…and how we like to spend those Friday’s! So, put on our thinking caps (or dunce caps) and see what the best fibs you can come up with to this week’s questions.

1. Where do all the lost texts and emails go?

In cyber limbo.

2.What do people really mean when they say, “Just a second”?

Any amount of time that they need to do whatever they want. This “second” could potentially last hours.

3.What is the best thing to come in threes?

A sneeze.

4.Why was Betty White trending?

No idea.

5. You followed the White Rabbit down the hole, but where did you end up?

On the other side of the planet.

6.Who was behind the curtain the whole time?

What curtain are we talking about ? The Iron Curtain ?

7. What makes grass grow?

Grass gremlins that stretch it during the night.

8.How do gophers like to spend their Friday nights?

“Going  pher” dinner and a movie.

9. The Grand Canyon isn’t very Grand, what is it?

A big barren space !

10. Twilight wasn’t about vampires and werewolves, what was it about?

Mushy teen romance.

11. In three words, what is the best way to spend an evening?

Takeaway and movie.

12. What are birds really saying when they chirp?

“Do you think Harry and Meghan’s baby wil be a girl or boy ?”

13.What is the strangest thing on your computer?

My profile picture.


Fibbing Friday May 10th, created by Theresa, the Haunted Wordsmith

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