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Question Fun: Creativity & Imagination


Question Fun

Today’s topic is ………….. Creativity & Imagination!

What is creativity?

I could open a dictionary, but I will assume you want my own definition. In my book,

creativity is the ability to make something out of nothing,

to see the potential in mundane things and turn them into something extra-ordinary;

to make good better, and better best.

(I’m getting carried away here; better stop).

always room to grow


Is creativity a good thing to have?

Absolutely ! The very best !


How much does a mountain weigh?

Definitely more than a molehill.


If the wheel had not have been inventented, where we would be now?

Walking to work.


How many books in the average library?

I don’t know; thousands, I hope.


Why do we wear shoes, l mean is it really important?

Of course ! No outfit is complete without the right shoes.


What’s more important, creativity, imagination or knowledge and why?

Creativity wins hands down. If you have creativity, you can make do without the other two, If you possess knowledge and imagination too you can take your creativity to the next level.

sparkler two hands

Do you think that creativity is part of human nature or is it something that must be nurtured and learned? I mean are we born creative?

I think both nature and nurture contribute. 


What’s the worst name you could give a raccoon?

Goggle eyed freak “


What the best name you could give your goldfish?

“Goldie”  I guess that is the worst possible name. I thought of ‘Nemo”, but my son says the fish in the movie  Finding Nemo was a clown fish.


If you could curse someone – what curse would you choose?

In the first place, I wouldn’t curse anyone; but if you must force me into this hypothetical situation I think the worst curse would be to not be able to forget anything, sometimes forgetting is the best way of healing.


If you were in the worst possible natural disaster you could be in would you survive?

Hopefully not. I would not want to live with the aftermath / consequences.


What was your natural disaster then?

If we’re talking about something that would take lives, it could be anything : earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption. (May God keep us safe from them).


You have been tasked with the role of imagining a new government – what would you conjure up and why?

A utopia where people could live the way they wanted but were also willing to let others lead the lives they wanted .


What is imagination in your eyes?

A magic carpet that takes you wherever you want to go, whenever you want (I often used to ride during a boring lesson at school).

coffee cup plant notebook pen

Given the choice would you prefer to be creative, imaginative, inventive or self aware?

Hey ! We’re being creative here, why should I have to choose ? I ought to be able to get away with bagging all of them.



Because they are all qualities that would make me a better blogger.




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