Mac and Cheese saves the BBQ

It was virtually the first sunny weekend this summer. Last Saturday had been overcast, and the one before it,though sunny, had been fairly cold. Tom and his wife Sally had taken their chances and invited their newly wed neighbours to a barbecue lunch.

Sally had really taken pains over this  lunch so she was glad to be rewarded by fine weather. She had bought the best T-bone steaks she could find and marinated them according to her mother’s favourite recipe. Careful to serve a balanced meal, she had made a crisp green salad and a lovely tomato and bell pepper salso to go with baked potatoes that she was keeping warm in the oven

Her outdoor table was spread with a red and white chequred cloth. It was laid with strawberry patterned picnic ware. Her patio was a pretty picture with geraniums in full bloom. Everything was perfect thought Sally.

Guy and Mel, their guests arrived punctually bearing a large banoffee pie.

Tom was in charge of the steaks. He had lit the grill earlier so that the coals were red hot. He put the steaks on. They sizzled and gave off a appetizing aroma. Sally flitted about , bringing the rest of the food from the kitchen.

Tom began to turn the steaks with a flourish. As Sally carried out a big bowl of salad he collided with her in mid flourish.

The bowl flew out of Sally s hands and landed on the door breaking into a thousand pieces. Shards of glass flew everywhere, some landing on the steaks. Tom surveyed the damage quizzically; then attempted to pick off the shards.

” I wouldn’t do that if I were you, ” Guy exclaimed.

” There could be tiny pieces you mght miss: it’s best to chuck the whole thing.,’ he continued. “Let’s order pizza, my treat. “

“No need,”said Sally, “There is some more food in the kitchen. Tom you cam clean up this mess while I fix something else to eat .”

Tom cleaned up the disaster area with Guy’s help. Sally made some quick cooking pasta and came up with  yummy macaroni cheese. The two couples enjoyed this simple but delecious meal together with the salsa, baked potatoes and dessert that had survived the “accident”.

Mac and Cheese had saved the day !


Written for:

Stream of Consciousness Saturday– adverb









The Haunted Wordsmith Daily Word Prompt

Prompt A (food challenge): Mac & Cheese

Prompt B (sentence starter): “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

Prompt C (photo):


Word of the day– virtual

FOWC with Fandango– quizzical

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