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Fibbing Friday – May 24

It’s Fibday again! So, put on your thinking caps and come up with the best fib you can to this week’s questions:

1.What goes best on baked potatoes?

A big appetite !



2. Pepsi isn’t soda pop, what is it really?

A magic brew made by witches who want you to get so hooked to it that you keep coming back for more.


3. Where is your dream vacation?

A cruise down the Nile.


4. Santa Claus is getting really old and forgetful, instead of presents what did he leave?

Empty milk bottles.


5. What is lurking under your couch cushion?

A pizza slice from last night that I am going to have for breakfast.


6. Why are zombies the only thing that eats brains?

Are not! Social media eats brains too.


7. Why do people drive big trucks?

So they can feel big and awesome.


8. What do pets do at night?

Stand guard over their owners.


9. What is a cockle shell?

Something that alternates with silver bells.

You know the nursery rhyme : “Mary, Mary! Quite contrary.

How does your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockle shells

And pretty maids all in a row”


10. What is kept in the Tower of London?

Junk that the Queen of England doesn’t want.


11. Why did London Bridge fall down?

The construction material used was faulty; it has been re-called.


12. What is at the bottom of the wishing well?

Wishes, of course !


13. What lives in the sewers?

Sewer folk.


14. Who steals the little things that goes missing in your house?



15. What two movies belong together in a mashed movie?

No idea!


16. What does M.A.S.H. stand for?

More Apple Sauce Here.


17. What happens at midnight in a graveyard?

A midnight feast thrown by ghouls and spirits.


written for Fibbing Friday, a prompt created by Theresa, the Haunted Wordsmith.

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