the hills are alive with the sound of music

A time I went to a movie theater: Non fiction prompt May 25.

This prompt “A time I went to a movie theater” reminded me of a visit to the cinema many years ago. I was eight or nine years old, a cinema in our city was showing “The Sound of Music”. We were learning songs from the movie in our singing lessons at school.

vonTrapp family choir

The school arranged for the entire junior section to watch the movie one afternoon, accompanied by our teachers. My parents debated for some time if it was alright for me to go to the cinema without them, even as part of a school excursion. Thank God they relented ultimately.

My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. We knew the lyrics to most of the songs which made it even more fun. I fell in love with Maria and the vonTrapp family that afternoon and to this day I can watch the movie over and over again.

Our school had taken over three fourths of the movie theater and there were other people in the rows behind us. Imagine my surprise when, as we exited at the end of the show, who did I see but my parents and little brother. They had decided to watch the same show too.

Isn’t it surprising how something seemingly unconnected can trigger a memory. I had not thought about this event for many years. Reading the topic of Theresa’s prompt suddenly brought it all back to me.


Written for Non fiction prompt May 25.

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