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Favourite memory of a game. Non fiction prompt May 26

What is your favorite game or memory involving a game?

Theresa keeps taking us down memory lane. Yesterday she reminded us of a visit to the movie theatre and today she is reminding us of a favourite game.

When I got thinking, several favourite childhood games came to mind. When I was a kid we didn’t have 24 hour TV in Pakistan. The long days of the summer holidays were enlivened by several games.


I don’t really know what the proper name of this game was. It consisted of a wooden tray with around half an inch high walls. It was fitted with partitions like a maze with passages in between, similar to some videa and computer games today. You had three metal balls that you  moved to the centre of the maze to win.

maze game

Chinese chequers

This had aa board with holes punched in it. There were coloured pegs that you had in your “house”. Each player had his own colour of pegs.I think you moved these across the board to other houses to win.

chinese chequers game


This game again had coloured pegs. The challenging playerhid his pegs in a certain order behind a shield. The other player guessed the order in successive attempts.

mastermind game

Of course there were lots of others like LUDO, snakes & ladders and the grown up approved word game Scrabble. At friends’  houses we played Monopoly too; for some reason that was a game my parents did not like.

You must have noticed a recurring theme here: all these were indoor games. One reason for this was that it was too hot to play outside in the summer holidays. The other, more important one, was that I have always been a very sedentary person—hence my interests of reading and writing.

Did you play any of these games or their electronic/virtual equivalents growing up ?

Do drop me a line in the comments section below.  I would love to find out if I remember them correctly.

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Written for: non fiction prompt May 26

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