goji berries in bowl

Goji Berries

I first came across goji beries in Oslo, Norway. Our hotel had  an extensive cereal bar as part of its breakfast buffet. I found these little red berries in a miniature bucket alongside similar buckets of dried  fruit, nuts  and cereal.

Crinkly and oval, the size of small raisins, dried goji berries are a lovely shade of red /dark pink. It is a lovely colour, deeper than watermelon but lighter than cherry red.

I found out later that goji berries are of Chinese origin. They are a traditional Chinese health food supposed to give you energy and many other beneficial effects.

goji berries health benefits

The juice of the fresh berries is being sold at health food stores in many places. the . The dried berries caan be founs at the health food aisle of good supermarkets in all over the world. Detox tea made with goji berries is popular too.

goji berries beauty benefits


The internet abounds with articles singing the praise of these berries and products derived from them. While all the claims have not yet been substantiated, I can say with a safe margin of certainty that goji berries are a great source of fibre and vitamins.

They taste lovely too. So go ahead, add some to your cereal or your trail mix. If you like the slightly tart taste they will make great snack on their own; so grab a handful  when the munchies strike.

goji-berries on bush
Fresh goji berries waiting to be picked.

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