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Share Your World 5-27-19


Do you consider yourself a pessimist or an optimist?  op1

An optimist always !  I do get pulled down by things once in a while, but thank God, so far I have always managed to bounce back.


Can War ever be just? justwar1

If it means liberating the downtrodden from oppression, then i guess it can be justified. But if it brings destruction and despair to the innocent, then it is never just.

Think about the people you love most in your life, what do you do for them?small-clipart-family-member-766431-8560375

I look after them to the best of my ability. I am always there for them, to provide physical and moral support.

Are you health conscious?  expertbeacon.com_-1

Upto an extent—this means hardly any sugary drinks or desserts, very little processed food, lots of fruit and water. This does not extend to faddish diets, wheatgrass or any other wweird tasting health foods.


Gratitude, Thankfulness, Wonder, Awe and Joy!   

All these can be eperienced if you pick up a single wild flower and hold it in the palm of your hand !Rainbows, sunsets, a baby’s first word, and many other things that occur in life can bring all these feelings if you only stop to appreciate them.


Written for:

Share Your World 5-27-19, created by Melanie B Cee of sparks from a combustible mind

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