I love reading and writing about food.
This is a piece by Betul Erbasi at Pointless Overthinking, that I really liked :

Wise & Shine

food-3177460_1920Hi everyone,

Let’s talk about food today.

I have always been interested in human universals and I also have had sufficient enough interaction with people from different cultures. I noticed a lot of similarities between all these people but one thing that always caught my attention more than anything else is how food works for all.

We all know that we need food to literally survive but I am not here to talk about that aspect today. I want to focus on the role of food in human interaction.

We probably notice every now and then how food is a big part of any event, small or big, cultural or generic. We don’t just invite friends, for example. We invite them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea/coffee+snacks etc. No party would be a good party without something to eat and drink. Any invitation that includes humans also includes food.

If you…

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