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Question Fun – General Wotnuts!

The Topic Today Is – General Wotnuts What does it mean when someone says “What is a silly question?” It is the type of question to which you answer, “Ask a silly question, get a silly answer.” What would be the better pet? A unicorn or Pegasus? Pegasus, of course. Why? Because you could use it for transportation in place of Uber. Why Y and … Continue reading Question Fun – General Wotnuts!

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The music within you…

The music within you is never the same. When you are melancholy, it is pensive. It is upbeat when you are cheerful, Filling the space around you with positive energy. But music can work the other way too, A favourite catchy tune can pull you out of the doldrums And put you back on track when you are down.   Written for : Thursday Inspiration … Continue reading The music within you…

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Book Review : Unmarriageable–Pride & Prejudice in Pakistan.

“Unmarriageable–Pride & Prejudice in Pakistan” by Soniah Kamal is a book I discovered at the Lahore Literary Festival in February this year. Written by a young Pakistani woman, it follows the original loyally. It manages also, to draw parallels with modern society in Pakistan and abroad. Jane Austen, perhaps the world’s first feminist, dealt with feminist issues when the word had not yet been coined. … Continue reading Book Review : Unmarriageable–Pride & Prejudice in Pakistan.

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You are what you listen to…..

You are what you listen to….. ……. and who you listen to.   If you listen to upbeat people and upbeat music, you develop a positive and upbeat personality. When you listen to criticism, negativity and nagging, you tend to become negative and critical. If you listen to constant expressions of failure, you may not become a failure yourself, but some of that negativity is … Continue reading You are what you listen to…..

Death–A recurring motif in Agatha Christie’s novels.

Agatha Christie is one of the most popular English novelists. Her books have been translated in many languages. Her stories and plays have been adapted for stage, film, radio and TV. Small wonder then, that her popularity remains of  epic proportions. She deals primarily with “death” in the form of murder mysteries. Her two famous characters Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot solve crimes by viewing … Continue reading Death–A recurring motif in Agatha Christie’s novels.