vegedeco salads 4 layered cakes

Mouthwatering Desserts ?

Look again.vegedecosalad 4 cakes surrounded by leaves

You still can’t tell can you? I know I couldn’t.

I was really surprised and amazed to find that these scrumptious looking cakes are actually salads.

They were first created by Mitsuki Moriyasu, a Japanese food stylist in 2015-2016. They took the world of food by storm. This particular kind of cake is now known as “vegedeco salad.”

veggie cake Mitsuki Moyasu at work

Mitsuki Moriyasu now has her own web site called Vegedeco. You can reach her at

According to Celia Lloyd-Jones in the Telegraph,

The peculiar creations are made by blending whole vegetables, roots and all, with soybean flour to create a spongy feel. Little or no sugar is added and for the icing, she mixes vegetables with cream cheese or tofu. The result is a low-carbohydrate, gluten-free cake which counts as one of your five a day.



3 slices veggiecheese cake
Cheesecake ? No ! Vegedeco Salad Cake


According to the Vegedeco website the cakes are made of :

No chemical oriented stuff or ingredients
Using pigment with natural color made from Vegetables ONLY
Creamy layer is made of TOFU (soybean product)
Making full use of various Vegetables

veggie cake pink frosting
Royal Yellow Vegedeco

Royal Yellow Vegedeco is a bean-based sponge with “frosting” made from mashed potato and beets. It also features four types of mushrooms.



veggie cake slice white
Pink Pearl Vegedeco

That’s not chocolate atop the Pink Pearl Vegedeco pictured above, but burdock root shavings. The “cake” itself is a red onion mousse with sliced olives and bits of mozzarella cheese.


vegedeco salads 5 different cakes
“Eating your cake and having it”




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10 thoughts on “Mouthwatering Desserts ?

  1. Amazing discovery Tanya. They really look good and innovative. Our mind is set to associate cakes with desserts and sweets so I wonder how this will appeal to the palate? However I believe look good will taste good. A must try 😋

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