“London Calling”

The city of London has so much character that it is impossible to get even a fraction of it down in a single piece of writing. There are many books, articles and websites devoted to it. I have restricted myself to writing a few lines about only three of my favourite things about this city.

River Thames


The Thames courses through the city, bridged at intervals by several bridges. Used throughout history for trade and commerce, my interest in it is purely “touristy”. As you cruise along the river you can see many of London’s sights like the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, London Eye, Windsor, Kew Gardens and many more.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria & Albert museum

This museum is so much smaller, but so much more interesting than the British museum. The exhibits are less formal and more colourful, one of my favourites being a collection of humming birds. The V & A Garden Cafe is perhaps as much of an attraction as the museum itself—at least I enjoyed it as much.

Cosmopoliton Metropolis

busy street London

A truly cosmopolitan city, most places in thhe city will show you people from many races and cultures. Travellers fom any part of the walking down Oxford street are likely to hear snatches of their own language. Of so many characteristics of the city, this is one of the most lovable.

I could write volumes about this city…….. another time, perhaps.

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Nonfiction Prompt June 1st : What is a city that you would love to visit or have visited?

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