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Movie Review: Larry Crowne

I sat down to watch Larry Crowne primarily because it starred two of my all time favourite actors. Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks star as a university professor and a redundant department store worker. Tom Hanks playing Larry Crowne is a conscientious  hard working guy who has won “Emploee of the Month” several times over. It is therefore a shock for him when he is fired for not having a college degree.

Facing foreclosure of his house and liquidation of his meagre assets, he still manages to start afresh. He goes back to college to get that education, the lack of which got him the sack. Having served as “culinary specialist” in the Navy, he manages to get a job in a diner to finance him through college.

One of the courses he takes is “Speech 217” a course taught by (you guessed it !) Julia Roberts. Roberts who is married to a parasitic author/ blogger who surfs the net for porn allowing his wife to support him. She slowly falls for Hanks who is popular with the young people in his class. Hanks is “a thorough Gentleman” and does not take advantage of Roberts when she makes a pass at him while drunk.

larry crowne julia roberts tom hanks

The movie, though not exciting, is sweetly romantic. It also features Rami Malik who everyone recognizes as Freddy Mercury now. This movie is a bit like comfort food, familiar and filling .

Genre: Romantic comedy

Starring : Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks

Director : Tom hanks.

You can watch the full movie free on YouTube.


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