What does wasting time mean for you?

“The time you spent enjoying yourself is not time wasted.”

I read this on a poster when I was still at school. I was preparing for my ‘O’ level exams in those days so I took it to mean that if I took time off studying and enjoyed myself, it would be a good thing. It would probably recharge my batteries and I would study better later, and so on and so forth.

The concept of wasting time and wasted time is a matter of individual preference. For the workaholic, time spent in rest and recreation is a waste. Probably the same applies to overambitious get ahead quick types. These people do not mind partying for social mobility but consider time spent relaxing with family or close friends to be a waste.

The concept of wasting time is different for different people. It also changes for the same person over time.

When I was a young mother juggling with family, work and post grad studies, I needed to be very conscious of my time. As a compulsive multitasker, I thought I was wasting my time if I was not doing three things at a time. Rocking the baby to sleep while I supervised the older kids ‘ homework and studied myself was nothing extraordinary in those days.

Now when I have more time on my hands, my idea of wasting time has changed. I like to savour life’s experiences now and try to enjoy each moment as it happens.

For me, any time that passes without appreciating life is wasted. Regrets and recriminations, anger and resentment : these are now my criteria for wasting time.

Sitting on the porch just watching the rain no longer seems extravagant or wasteful to me. Only a few years ago I would have been appalled by such a “time suck”.

Enough about me; what stage are YOU in your life ? What is your present concept of wasting time and does it ever change ?

I would love to know in the comments section below.

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Question of the Day – No. 408

31 thoughts on “What does wasting time mean for you?

  1. I think you waste time when you are doing something when you could rather be doing something else- maybe something more productive that has to be done, or something that actually is beneficial for you to do.

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  2. I consider a lot of the time I spent dealing with dating to be wasted. Not at first, when I was hopeful I’d meet someone special. But after it became clear I wouldn’t. Not only could I have been doing ANYTHING more fun, but some of the dating led to badness.

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  3. Yes, I hear you drtanya, Hear Hear!
    When you have spent most of your life, running around, working, caring, juggling and multi tasking, then you have this chance to slow down in life, you have much more of an appreciation of how “wasting your time” at leisure, is such a privilege.
    I cherish my “wasted moments” and in appreciating how much my life has changed since leaving work. I could never go back to that!

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  4. I love this question. Wasting time for me means doing mindless activities such as watching tv, reading Facebook or other social media platforms (let’s not even mention Pinterest) that divert my attention from the here and now. Ugh. Perhaps I should spend some time dating to help me appreciate being back home reading a good book. (Smile to Paula Light’s comment above)

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  5. For me it’s pretty simple: each second that I spend with something that is not helpful for me, my dreams, or my families’ wellbeing is time wasted.
    Thank you very much for mentioning me in this wonderful post!

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  6. Thank you for writing this thoughtful post! My friends remind me to take a break from my studies and enjoy a walk in nature or spend time with family. Time spent taking care of yourself and those you care about isn’t wasted. It can help your well being

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  7. for me, as long as I am doing the things I enjoy, my time is never wasted, I did waste a lot of time allowing toxic and very negative people into my life and to influence me, now I don’t allow them to do that, I am more mindful of the people I choose to spend time with, time spent with loved ones, doing hobbies and passtimes I love, writing, journaling, etc all the things I enjoy, all of that is definitely what I want to be doing and is definitely not wasted time, also I think being in a job where you aren’t happy, or a job you dislike or even hate, is time wasted. xoxo

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