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Re-inventing My Blog

Hey Friends,

I have been blogging for a little over a year now. Posting at random, whenever the mood or the fancy struck me, I never really thought about a blogging schedule. But yesterday,another fancy struck me : of creating a blogging schedule and sticking to it.

I thought that the best means of ensuring that I honour the commitment of a schedule is to share it with others. Hence I am sharing this with the 466 wonderful, awesome, amazing people who follow my blog (I still can’t get over that) and any other kind souls who drop by.

Blogging Schedule

Blogging Monday– I will post something about writing/blogging every Monday.

Foodie Wednesday– Food and nutrition/health related posts.

Thursday for Yourself– Posts on personal development, self care etc.

Friday Review — Movie reviews and book reviews.


I am going to try this for a month commencing 15th June; let’s see how it goes. My posting at whim and all the prompt inspired posts will continue, of course.

Do tell me what you think about this folks.

Comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

26 thoughts on “Re-inventing My Blog

  1. Other than my daily FOWC with Fandango prompt, I don’t schedule much in advance because many of my posts are in response to others daily prompts or to what I read, see, or hear in the news. But if a schedule works for you and will make it easier for you, by all means, go for it. I’m here and reading your posts either way.

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  2. Hi Drtanya,
    Having a blogging schedule is a fantastic way to be active, maintain consistency, and build trust with your readers. However, it’s not always easy, but with persistence and determination, you will make it happen.
    Good job!

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  3. Hey Tanya, excellent way to go. I do have a pretty comprehensive scheduler in a Microsoft Excel worksheet, and l have used it from about the second month of blogging, and in the 19 months since then, there is not one single day that l haven’t used it. I also use the post scheduler a lot as do a lot of bloggers even those who do not have any set plans on their writing. many can simply notch up a few posts at a time and post date them to publish when they they wish them to.

    Having a scheduler makes life a lot easier, and of course there are those who will never use them as they think that having that kind of structured routine in their day’s writing takes the fun out of it. I am not a follower of that credo. I can still have a lot of fun working with a schedule and planning.

    But as many have already said, you have to do what is comfortable for you and schedules and routines and structure and fixedness are either your thing or not, but you will soon see 🙂

    Good luck.

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