world two hands share your world

If you could insert one idea into everyone’s mind on this planet, which idea would you insert?


This question has been posed by Bogdan DM of the blog Pointless Overthinking. Do check out this blog. You will find lots of food for thought.

Inserting an idea into the mind of other people sounds like the stuff that science fiction movies are made of. The implantation of an idea into a person’s mind can be done by hypnosis if you want to do it in “one fell swoop”‘ Over a period of time, it can be done by the power of suggestion.

Inserting a microchip into a person’s head to control their thoughts and actions is still I hope the stuff of fiction and fantasy. I can think of the movies Kingsmen and Mission Impossible offhand. I am sure there are countless other stories in films and literature.

But let us come back to today’s question. What is the idea, if given the hypothetical ability, would I like to embed into the minds of everyone on this planet ? 

The idea that comes to my mind is an old one. It is a slogan that was used in a Save the Planet campaign launced in the early 90’s. It is:

“Only one Earth, Share and Care”

world two hands share your world

This idea , if inserted into every brain, takes care of most of the problems that we face today. Dwindling natural resources, pollution, overpopulation, disease and iliteracy, all can be eradicated if the inhabitants of this planet decide to care for it.

The “sharing” part will take care of all the strife in the world today. It will end all the bias over race, religion,  gender and social class that is increasing exponentially over time. All the wars being fought all over the world will end.

Most societal ills arise from mankind’s refusal to share, and frm the effort to try and snatch whatever possible from others. A willingness to share will lead to an eradication of crimes committed for gain. This simple principle or idea of “sharing and caring” if turned into a global mindset can make this world a better place for our children and our children’s children.

The significance of the number 420 :

The number 420 has a particular significance in my part of the world. In South Asian culture, it is associated with fraud or trickery. A deceitful person is referred to as a 420. The act committed by such a person would be a 420 action. It is probably a coincidence that today’s question was No. 420. But I can’t help feeling that implanting an idea into another person’s mind (even if for a good cause) is a bit of a 420.

Disclaimer: This “aside” is just a bit of light hearted banter. Of course today’s question is a highly relevant ethical debate. I just try to keep the mood light; no offence meant.




Question of the Day – No. 420

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