pinocchio fibbing friday

Fibbing Friday 21 June 2019

What would Friday be without a fun chance to let loose and do a little good-hearted fibbing?

What’s the best fib you can come up with to these questions:

  1. What can you make with saw dust and snow?

A huge mess.

2. What did the mole say to the wart?

Wart are you doin” on this face?

3. Why is Atlantis lost?

Because the Loch Ness Monster is lost too.

4. Why have Earthlings not returned to the moon?

They only come once in a blue moon.

5. Why is the Earth round?

If it were square, the corners would cause problems while it was going               around.

6. Why are potato chip bags always half-full?

So we can look after our figures. Think how fat we would be if they were not half                empty.

7. What happens to lost socks?

They go off on their own to have fabulous adventures.

8. Why do people stub their toes on furniture?

Because they forget to wear their toe caps.

9. Who will be the next President?

The person who controls the internet and social media.

10. Where did Trump come from?

Trump Tower, didn’t you know?

11. How will Trump’s administration end?

With a big bang.

12. How do clouds suddenly appear in the sky?

When someone lets go of white cotton candy.

13. Why does the universe revolve?

Standing in one place is boring.

14. If Time Lords are real, then why haven’t we met any yet?

Haven’t you heard ? Time waits for no one.

15. What is a zombie’s favorite food?



Written for:

Fibbing Friday June 21st, 2019, a prompt created by Theresa, thehauntedwordsmith

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