tea white mug roses

Reasons/Occasions for Tea

Does one really need a reason / occasion for having tea ? Not in my book. In my book, any time is tea time. Tea does, however, form a backdrop for many things in your life. Here are just some of them:

1. Celebration—cake and tea

tea three tier platter round tables

tea and muffins


2. Stress relief — to soothe frazzled nerves

teacup flowers striped material


3. Stimulation– to boost mental faculties during work or studying

white teacup person reading two books



4. Consideration– “offering tea and sympathy”

tea person offering sympathy


5. Socializing– “let’s meet over a cup of tea”

tea three friends


6. Business–‘ finalise the deal over a cup of tea”

tea three persons holding mugs


7. Tradition — English afternoon tea, Japanese tea drinking ceremony.

tea scones jam cream

teapot floral pouring tea into cup


tea japanese ceremony

But who needs a reason for tea?


All images courtesy Unsplash


14 thoughts on “Reasons/Occasions for Tea

  1. Though I’m a coffee person, I think above reasons apply to coffee as well. Oh wait…except the Japanese tea drinking ceremony one coz you cannot mess with traditions.😁
    Who needs reasons anyways? If you feel like having it, just pour a cup and have it!😉

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  2. Plus as a panacea for all ills! I’m more of a coffee person but always have a cup of tea (black, no milk) mid-afternoon. I also enjoy unsugared iced tea.

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