Slow Down

This is such a great post on the sad state of our memory in this day and age. Multi tasking and over scheduling are responsible as Betul Erbasi discusses here:

Wise & Shine


Hi everyone! Today I want to talk about something that comes to my mind every now and then and something that affects all our lives. That point is our fast lives and how it affects our memories. Let’s start.

In modern life, things are too fast. Something happens all the time everyone’s lives and we learn about everything about what happens in other people’s lives very fast. This has several consequences. One is that we forget ourselves. The second is that we forget everything. So, we forget.

The reason that I started thinking about this is because someone once told me how strong people’s memories were before as compared to today. They could memorize pages and pages and recite all. I even heard people memorizing many books. In fact, even I used to memorize things when I was a kid. I used to recite many things from my head in…

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