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Question Fun – General Wotnuts!

The Topic Today Is – General Wotnuts

What does it mean when someone says “What is a silly question?”

It is the type of question to which you answer, “Ask a silly question, get a silly answer.”

What would be the better pet? A unicorn or Pegasus?

Pegasus, of course.


Because you could use it for transportation in place of Uber.

Why Y and Why is Y where it is, and why is Y called just Y and not Why?

because X is not Ex.

Would you if offered the choice of knowing or not knowing the day you die and how take it?

No, never ever !

Which is worse in your eyes, smacked in the face or smacked on the behind?

Behind; less insult to body and ego.

Given the choice of creating a totally new ice cream or a totally new fruit what would you pick?

I would choose the fruit; then I could always make a new ice cream flavour with it.

What would you create for either one of the above answers and what would it taste like and what would you call it?

Chocolate fruit– it would taste like chocolate but would only have as many calories as grapefruit or lettuce.

Uh oh – you have two choices, to eat something alive and wriggling and squirming or something that’s been dead awhile and is rotting?

Neither– and no compromises.

What is your favourite non popular smell?

The smell of fresh enamel paint.

61 minutes and counting down is ALL you have to creatively get rid of a body in the middle of the supermarket …. mm … how are you going to achieve that?

Think of a good explanation and then ask the police or emergency services to come and get it.

I am not sure about garden gnomes they kind of look a bit shifty to me, what about you?

What is your most favoute unusual noise?

The sound of rain falling on a tin or fibreglass roof.

What are five of the most commonly stolen items from the office?

Paper, pens, paper clips, staplers, co-workers’ lunch.

Do you have a secret talent or skill that you don’t get to use very much?

I can remember a tune quite accurately.

If I gave you 40,000 of your own currency to start a business, what kind of business would you start?

In my currency, that is not enough to start a business with; please raise the figure and then we can talk.

What is your favorite board game and why?

LUDO– it doesn’t require much brain activity.

Name two things that can cause friction between people?.

Politics, and the choice of TV channel.

Are you afraid of the dark?


If not the above, what are you afraid of?

Creepy crawlies.

Create 3 silly questions of your own?

1. What would you find at the end of a rainbow? 2. What do leprechauns eat ? 3. What would Winnie the Pooh say if given all the honey in the world ?

If asked a question you only partially knew the answer to in a group of intellectuals would you answer it with a serious face and bluff or would you decline to answer the question?

I would probably just be honest and say PASS.

What’s missing from this line up?

Line up of questions?

Why does A lead to B and not N or Z, and answer this question from your gut not your conventional learning?

Common sense : it is the shortest distance.


Written for : Question fun–General Wotnuts, a prompt created by Rory.

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