Peruvian old woman bunch of herbs to girl

What does living life mean to you ?

What does living life mean to you?

Life means different things to different people.

To some it means leaving the luxury of their homes

To serve their fellowmen in disease and famine ridden countries.

For others life is like a free ride on a carousel,

Full of thrill, excitement and joie d’ vivre.

Producing a great book or a new invention,

This is the meaning of life to others.

A sympathetic smile, a small act of kindness,

Re-assuring some, restoring the confidence of others,

To some, these little things are the true meaning of life.

These are the people who are the happiest.



Image by lauraelatimer0 from Pixabay

21 thoughts on “What does living life mean to you ?

  1. For me it is all the little things – the smell of freshly cut grass, birdsong, soft spring rains, the glint of sun on snow, etc. etc. This is beautiful and gives one pause to stop and think – to celebrate the little things, which are actually big things in the overall scheme of things and the best blessings.

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