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Blog Schedule Audit

About a month ago I posted a blog schedule that I hoped to follow weekly. Given my time constraints, it seemed a little over-ambitious. You can read more about it here

I am happy to report that I was able to follow it almost accurately. I set myself a target of posting four times a week with articles in different categories on specific days of the week. I missed only one in week three when I was very busy family wise. In week 3, my scheduled days for particular categories were also out of sync. I must own up that I cheated a little, repurposing old posts when I did not have the time to write a new one.


Blogging Schedule

Blogging Monday–something about writing/blogging.

Foodie Wednesday– Food and nutrition/health related posts.

Thursday for Yourself– Posts on personal development, self care etc.

Friday Review — Movie reviews and book reviews.

Week 1

Blogging Monday–11 Sources of Blogging Inspiration

Foodie Wednesday–Is Food Colour on the Menu?

Thursday for Yourself–How to get more than 24 hrs from your day:7 tips that really work.

Friday Review–Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Week 2

Blogging Monday–The Best School for Bloggers

Foodie Wednesday–Reasons/Occasions for Tea.

Thursday for Yourself–You are what you listen to.

Friday Review--Book Review:Unmarriageable-Pride & Prejudice in Pakistan


Week 3

Blogging Monday–How to grow your blog.

Foodie Wednesday–Fun Things to do with Ice Cream-sundaes, floats, and more.

Thursday for Yourself–The music within you.

Friday Review–This is the only slot that I missed.


Week 4

Blogging Monday–Re-purposing Old Blog Posts:A Checklist

Foodie Wednesday–Blackberries, so berry good for you.

Thursday for Yourself–What’s the best way to approach a depressed person ?

Friday Review--Book Review:The Bookwoman’s Last Fling by John Dunning


Unscheduled Posts: Writing Prompts & Flights of Fancy

In addition to the schedule I continued posting as and when the fancy struck me . Basically this was whenever time permitted. I was careful, however, to space these over my “unscheduled” days, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. I also posted other content on my scheduled days, ending up with two or three posts in one day.


Final Analysis

  • Mine is a multiple niche blog and having a schedule means that all my categories get equal attention.
  • I blog/write mainly on the go and have no scheduled blogging time. Having a blogging schedule gives some form and structure to my blogging.
  • The schedule has helped me blog more consistently and more frequently.


Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash

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