50 Word Thursday : The Illusionist

The illusionist is a master of his craft He can turn the most mundane things into fantastic images. Leaping flames, soaring waves, mountains and deserts He can make you think that you can see them That he is there in those exotic locales When really he is only on stage ! (Exactly 50 words) 50 Word Thursday # 30 Rules: Find the muse within the … Continue reading 50 Word Thursday : The Illusionist

Ways to make your own sunshine !!

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It don’t matter if it’s raining?Nothing can phase me?I make my own sunshine?And if you think you can break me?Baby you’re crazy?I make my own sunshine –Alyssa Bonagura,  “I Make My Own Sunshine” Here are few ways to make your own sunshine. 1)  Get up and move around or go out for a walk. Take the fresh air , look… Continue reading Ways to make your own sunshine !!

When you’re feeling down

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When you’re feeling down the whole world Compresses into one spot The spot where you’re hurting The routine seems mundane and uninteresting If you could walk away and pretend Your responsibilities are being handled By other in proxy for you And you just wait for the countdown To the second, minute and hour When this blue cloak of pain… Continue reading When you’re feeling down