Ignore Them

If people are critical and judgmental

Ignore them.

If they are partisan and prejudiced,

Ignore them.

If they dissuade, discourage and dishearten,

Ignore them.

Just stay focused on your goal.

Enclose yourself in a bubble of positive energy

And keep on going.

You will definitely get there whatever the odds !

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9 thoughts on “Ignore Them

  1. So true! 😊
    Ignore all who doubt you or criticize you and keep believing in yourself and never doubt yourself. And there will come a day when they will have no choice than to believe along with you✌😊
    Thanks for a lovely reminder 🌸😊

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  2. Exactly!!
    We should not care about criticism
    If such negative people are present in our lives, sometimes we have to kick them out!!



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