I thank all of you

To All My Blogging Friends

The recent passing of blogger Helene Valiant has made me realise how much I value my friends in the world of blogging.Although I did not know Helene or her work very well, I had heard of her from other bloggers. Her sudden demise suddenly woke me up to the value of the friends I have made in the past eighteen months of blogging .

My Blogging friends or my blogger friends are people I interact with every day. Reading their work in the WordPress reader, and chatting with them in their comments section and mine, I sometimes talk to them several times a day.

I sometimes interact with other bloggers much more than I do with my flesh and blood friends. This is probably because one can use WordPress on the phone intermittently while commuting, waiting in queues, or between chores. Real friends, on the other hand ,require a greater amount of time for staying in touch.

My Blogging Friends fall into different categories:

  • Veteran bloggers– by regularly reading their blogs I learned the art of blogging from them like I said in my post The Best School For Bloggers.
  • My friend and mentor Sadje of Keep It Alive, who has loyally commented on each and every (that’s true, no excaggeration) post I have ever written. She has always been there for me with practical advice and positive feedback.
  • Bloggers who post infrequently but are on the same wavelength as I , so that it is always fun interacting with them.
  • The amazing people who followed my blog soon after I had launched it. I gave them a shout out in my post New Kid On The Blog.

I have met lots of people, made many new friends and learned a lot since I took up blogging.

A big Thank you to all you wonderful people

who made blogging such a wonderful experience for me.

28 thoughts on “To All My Blogging Friends

  1. Like you, I didn’t know Hélène that well, but when I found out that she had passed away, it affected me much more than I would have expected. I realized how we come to know people through their posts and their comments on our posts. They do, indeed, become a big part of our circle of friends and when we lose a fellow blogger, we lose a friend, and we feel that loss deeply.

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  2. I agree this platform has provided so many opportunities to connect with so many kindred souls who are miles away… and now I feel so connected with all amazing people I have met here. Feels like we all are part of this wonderful blogging family😊💖

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  3. Hey, I really like your words and your caring mind. I would like to follow your blog, I might be blind.;.( well, around 50 ish…it might happen:) I don’t find where to follow you . Thank you for your help

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  4. That is very, very sad indeed. She was a great blogger and I loved taking part in her ‘What do you see’ challenge. Devastated is the word. You are so right, that it does put things into perspective and make you value blogging friends more.

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