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Share Your World 29.5.2019

  1. it wrong to sell store-bought pastries at a bake sale? —‘ Absolutely not! In my book, a bake sale means a sale of baked goodies for fundraising. Nowhere does it stipulate that the confections must be homemade. If you are buying pastries and donating them to the sale the purpose of the event will still be achieved. So if a stint in the kitchen cannot fit into your schedule don’t feel guilty. Buy some cupcakes and cookies and join in the fun.
  2. Have you ever interacted with the police? —‘A couple of times when I got a ticket for being in the wrong traffic lane; I was born without a sense of direction.
  3. What will you remember most about this past year (this question will show up again, in late December, just FYI) —– The good times I have had with my family and the fun I have had blogging.
  4. Is it better to have fungus on your toes, your tongue, or your pizza? —- Oh mushrooms on pizza of course ! They are a kind of fungus aren’t they?
  5. What is one slang word that makes your skin crawl? —— My slang kryptonite is the overuse and abuse of the word “like”. I really cringe when people begin their sentences with it.


Aren’t You Glad?

Oh yes, I am, very glad for all the opportunities that life has given me and all the new things that I am discovering about life all the time.

Written for Share Your World,

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