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A Book Review With A Difference

I must warn you that this book review is going to be different from any I have written before. It is going to focus less on the book in question and more on the monsoon rain I am presently enjoying.

It is a rainy Sunday morning. I am sitting in my living room watching the rain out of my picture window. It is pouring in sheets and torrents as it usually does in this season.

I am enjoying a leisurely though light breakfast with umpteen cups of tea. What I am also enjoying is a book by Penelope Lively called Consequences .

“Finally !” you say, “She comes to the point,” if you have read this far. I had read this book halfway, and then given it up. No aspersions on the author, I have begun to do this only since I started blogging . WordPress has encroached onto my reading time. Before this I never put a book down without finishing it.

Coming back to “Consequences”: it begins in England just before World War II and continues up to the time of the Vietnam War. It chronicles an “arty” family who continue to disregard societal norms over generations.

consequences book cover

Image courtesy Goodreads

Penelope Lively provides descriptions and reflections that keep you reading on. She puts down a lot of her characters’ feelings and emotions without shoving them in your face.

It has stopped raining. I have put my book down and begun to write this.

This is the first time I have written a review without finishing the book first. Didn’t I warn you it was different?

If you have read this book or if you enjoy reading while it rains, do tell me about it in the comments section below.


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8 thoughts on “A Book Review With A Difference

  1. Aha! I liked your different way of reviewing a book.😊 I haven’t read this book but I too love reading books. My morning usually begins with a hot cup of coffee in one hand and a book in another. And if that morning is a rainy morning then it’s icing on the cake😋 Rainy mornings+nice book+hot cup of coffee = perfect morning 💖😄

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