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Infused water / Fruit water / Detox water / Spa water

A couple of years ago, I was invited to dinner at someone’s home in Oslo, Norway. In her immaculate white kitchen, my hostess(working mother of three) had a big glass keg of water with slices of strawberry and kiwi fruit floating in it. Being a compulsive water drinker I was immediately drawn to it and became hooked to infused water for evermore. I had more fruit water than food that evening. A major reason for this was that Norway has quite possibly the best tasting and purest water in the world.

I discovered this after a somewhat embarrassing exchange with the concierge at my hotel. I asked her to send me some drinking water and she told me to open the tap in the bathroom. The lovely tap water made tea and coffee taste better too,

Back home I am an ardent fan of fruit water since.

What is infused water?

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Infused water consists of fruit, vegetables or herbs immersed in cold water. It is also known as fruit water or detox water. It is just a simple way of making water more fun, without adding any artificial ingredients or piling on calories.

How is it different from plain water?

It is different from plain water only in the flavour or aroma imparted to it by the immersed fruit or herbs etc. Its vitamin and mineral content remains essentially the same. Depending on the type of fruit used and the duration that it is infused, 250 ml of fruit water has around 5 calories.

How do you make it?

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It is very easily made. Put sliced fruit or vegetables of your choice in a glass pitcher or water infusing bottle. Around half a cup of fruit to one litre of water is sufficient. Let it stand for at least an hour before consuming.

I am short on time , how do I make fruit water ?

Macerate the fruit or veg before you add the water. Enjoy immediately.

This might not work with harder fruit like apples, but works perfectly with berries.

How long does infused water keep OR when do I need to throw it out?

The shelf life of infused water depends on the storage temperature and on the fruit used. Fruit water that has been in the fridge overnight can be used within 24 hrs.

If you want to keep it for longer just remove the fruit. It should now last for three or four days. (believe me, it will all be gone long before then).

What fruit or veg and herb combinations do I use?

infused water six jugs containing variety of fruit

The options here are limited only by your imagination and can be dictated by your personal preference. The more popular combos include:

  • Orange/lemon with cilantro/mint
  • Strawberry, kiwifruit and mint
  • Ginger and orange
  • Apple and cinnamon
  • Strawberry, cucumber and mint
  • Blueberry and lemon
  • Rose, lemon and strawberry
  • Cinnamon, pear and ginger
  • More unlimited combinations.

What is Detox water?

Detox water is merely infused water made with varying combinations of fruit, vegetables and herbs.

There is a popular misconception that it enables the removal of “toxins” from the body. This is an urban myth if there ever was one. The body has its own method of getting rid of unwanted substances or “toxins” by excreting them in sweat, urine and stool. Whatever you may eat or drink, this process is going to take place. There is no special “detox” effect of infused water. The more water you drink (whether plain or detox), the more urine your body will make and in theory could help the body eliminate unwanted substances slightly faster. Practically speaking, this makes no great difference apart from the inconvenience of more frequent trips to the loo.

Can fruit water prevent or reverse WRINKLES ?

This is another urban myth that needs to be debunked.

Dehydration causes wrinkles. Doctors test for dehydration by wrinkling forehead skin between their thumb and forefinger. If, on releasing, the skin returns to its former state, you are fine, if it stays wrinkled you are dehydrated.

Fruit water or plain water can reverse wrinkles only in a dehydrated person. For every one else, it can neither prevent nor treat wrinkles: I am afraid that is the plain, unvarnished truth whatever health and skin care gurus may claim.

Drinking your eight glasses of H2O per day, however keeps you well hydrated and healthy. This will consequently give your skin a healthy glow.

Can fruit water make you lose weight?

As you may have realized already, there is no quick fix for weight loss. No matter what they claim, all those weight loss methods out there work only if you eat less and exercise more. The same holds true for infused water. It can help you lose weight only as well as plain water can:

  • By curbing your appetite because of a feeling of fullness; some people drink a couple of glasses before a meal so that they eat less. This works very well for some but with others it gives a feeling of bloating. You would have to try it to find out.
  • By replacing high calorie soda or fruit juice, if you are in the habit of having them. This is somewhat the same as saying that giving up sugar in one’s tea helps only those who were having it in the first place.

Do I need any special equipment for making fruit water ?

infused water mason jars

NO !

Ordinary glass or good quality plastic or acrylic pitchers work just fine. As do Mason jars. Water bottles or sports bottles work well too.

As with any new trend, a lot of merchandise has emerged from the fruit water. Special water bottles are available that have infusing chambers in the centre. These are useful if you want to keep your water absolutely clear as they don’t allow any seeds or pulp to get into it.

Modern health and fitness regimens have outlawed almost all kinds of drinks. Even fruit juice which used to be considered the best thing for your health is now ranked second to fruit itself since it does not have the health benefits of the fibre found in fruit. Infused water remains the best choice if you want a flavoured drink.

25 thoughts on “INFUSED WATER 101

  1. Absolutely love this post! I’m always falling for the whole “detox” thing so thanks for the info ^-^


  2. A slice of lemon or a piece of cucumber infusing gently in a big bottle of cool water in hot summer day, the mere sight is so refreshing.


  3. Another excellent post, filled with great and informative content Tanya – nicely done 🙂

    Suze and l always have one of these on our desks when working, it ‘s great for encouraging people also, who may not simply like water by itself.

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