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Share Your World 8-12-19


What makes you laugh?

Life. It’s too short to get serious about things.


What’s the world coming to?  (Credit to Mel of Crushed Caramel…)

It is becoming a global village where, thanks to the internet, people can stay connected to those on opposite sides of the globe while being dissociated from those sitting next to them on the living room couch.


In one sentence sum up the Internet.

The internet is an addictive substance that, if allowed to get out of control, can become a drug of abuse.


If over time you replace parts on a car, at what point does it stop being the same car you bought? How many parts do you need to replace to make it a new car?

Replacing parts never makes a new car; it just renews the old one.


Gratitude is an attitude.   Yea or nay?   Explain your viewpoint please!  

I completely agree; gratitude is indeed an attitude. It is also a talent or ability. It is the ability to see your cup as half full instead of half empty. People who are grateful for the little things in their lives are always happier and more fulfilled ; I strive to be one of them.


Written for:

Share Your World, a prompt created by Melanie of sparksfromacombustiblemind

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