With due apology to all dieters:

Diet is a four letter word

That invariably spells trouble.

When I see a dieter coming

I am quick to take flight,

Before I am forced

To hear the virtues

Of the Atkins Diet,

The South Beach Diet,

The Paleo Diet,

Or the Keto Diet.

Diets galore and

Diets ad nauseum.

When the simplest solution

Is to eat less and exercise more.


Written for these word prompts:

FOWC with Fandango– diet

Word of the Day — flight

Daily Addictions — trouble

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19 thoughts on “With due apology to all dieters:

  1. Well, I only partially agree, following this philosophy, we could eat a candy bar ( 98% sugar 2%mediocre nutriments), exercise, and being in great shape. Being thin and-day slender or atlethic needs good food. Some food habits ( let’s call it lifestyle and not diet) are perfect for some metabolisms , some others are are not. Lifestyle doesn’t mean diet as a frustration. Or we could also use exercise as part a a frustrating diet. It can feel good to eat good, and it feels good to e etc use. ;)))))

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      1. Thank you for your answer. I totally agree, eating healthy is the key. You are totally right: it is not about the quantity but more of the processed and quality. ✨✨✨💚💚💚

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