Waiting for a haircut….


Mrs. Sheep and her Lambikin were waiting for the MSU (Mobile Shearing Unit) but Lambikin had butterflies in her tummy as this would be her first time.

A fashionably dressed young woman passed by wearing a chunky pullover in a beautiful cable design, quite appropriate for this cold morning. She had styled it with tapered denim jeans, ankle high boots and a handbag on a broad chain. She looked very chic.

“See how important our haircuts are to the fashion industry,”Mrs. Sheep pointed out to Lambikin,”If our wool was not sheared where would fashionable knits come from?”

Lambikin brightened up considerably when she heard this; having a keen interest in couture, she did not fear the impending shearing so much now.

Written for:

In other words

In Other Words — waiting , a prompt created by Patricia’s Place.


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