For what it seems like you never have enough time?

Enough time—the greatest treasure of them all—but so elusive.

All my life I have wished for enough time:  to play, enough time to watch TV and enough time to finish my home work. When I was in college, there was never enough time to prepare for an exam, finish an assignment or hang out with friends. Later , as a working mother and post grad student there were so many more demands on my time.

Let’scome back to the question above:

What is it that you feel you never have enough time for?

These days the activity that I want to do much more and that I never have enough time for is……

……..your guess is correct :


There are so many aspects of blogging and ALL of them require time:

1. Posting frequently and consistently — I  would love to post far more frequently and consistently than I can at present.

2. Writing a post — i have so many ideas but I can never find enough time to write about all of them. I have yet to experience writer’s block and maybe not having time to write as much as I want is the reason for this. 

3. Finding and optimizing images relevant to a post — I love using images in my post. Finding just the right ones can be time consuming. Once you have downloaded them, you need to fill in the URL, Alt Text and title etc. Again, I sometimes don’t use as many images as I would like to in a post for the simple reason that there isn’t enough time.

4. Editing — even when I go over my posts with a fine tooth comb some typo or the other always escapes my notice. Perhaps I need more time for this.

5. Reading posts by otber bloggers — my WordPress reader is full of interesting and useful posts every day. Sadly, there is never enough time to read even half the ones I want to.

6. Comments — whenever I read a blog post, I always want to leave a long-ish comment. Sometimes the writer has asked a question in the post and I would like to answer that. Other times I might like to relate a similar idea or experience as the authors’. But usually there is never enough time for this.

7. Promoting my blog on Social Media — this is something I almost never have time for. Although I have accounts on all the “Big Four” (Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook), I don’t have the time to log into them even once a day.

Now I want to ask all you wonderful bloggers out there how you find enough time to do all you want ?

Please let me know in the comments section below.


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Question of the Day – No. 484


35 thoughts on “For what it seems like you never have enough time?

  1. Time management is an art. Try to get as much as you can in the morning. Do your writing before you read blogs. When you have written your post, schedule it and then read the blogs you follow. Starting to read before one has written uses up all the available time.

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      1. Try it. You have become more regular in your post as is. You just need to put aside a little time for writing. My advice is to write a few posts for the days you’re busy. That way you won’t have to be under pressure to write.

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  2. I don’t worry about blogging. I don’t have enough time to immerse myself into books and also write all the stories on my list. I’ve given up movies, which is sad. I also need to exercise…

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  3. “how you find enough time to do all you want?” I don’t. There’s never enough time to do everything I want to do. Do I try to prioritize and to schedule and give it my best shot. It would help if I didn’t need to eat or sleep. 😉

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  4. I find it difficult finding time to blog as well. Yet, I still make time to work on my blog every day, whether it is actually writing content or thorough studying of my subject matter before writing on it. Accuracy is paramount to my blog in order to maintain credibility and integrity. However, besides my blog, I have a full time job that eats up 60 hours each and every week. Four days a week, I dedicate no less than 2 hours to my physical fitness regimen, and on top of it all, I care for a terminally ill family member in my home. My co-author Brenda Sue also has a challenging full time job and cares for a special needs son in her home. Yet, we still work dilligently at creating quality as it is truly our passion to try to help others in living healthier lives.

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      1. Dr Tanya, I’m a retired military veteran. I could not make it through a career without organization.😁

        Thank you for your kind words and support. Its truly appreciated.

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  5. I write my posts ahead of time then give them one more read-over before I schedule. I read posts of others in between chores, exercise, etc.

    I use a Word doc to store ideas, poetry written in advance (I write for others and keep a list of what I wrote and for whom). I also keep a word doc with unusual words and phrases.

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  6. There’s never enough time to do what you want to do – as many have said – prioritise, schedule, post date in settings pre-written content, adapt to shorter content till more time allows, have draft versions of stories/posts sitting in draft folder, plan your week if you are able to … failing that due to life’s obstacles – just do what you can when you want to and don’t pressure yourself.
    I can offer this advice, but l fight it daily – but l don’t have children, so that is one less problem to worry about, but l am now studying a lot as well, it is hard – but you’ll find a way that you can live with Tanya 🙂

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      1. Well as they say Tanya, ‘when in doubt ask out’ is a saying we hear over here a lot especially from the elderly – if you don’t ask you’ll never know is what they say it means 🙂

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  7. Hi Drtanya,
    I like that you acknowledge the need to blog consistently and also noted that it requires times. That is precisely what I was dealing with. I blog frequently, but it seems like I’m not publishing enough. I have to write for clients, guest post on other blogs and publish on my blog as well.
    So balancing time and having a publishing strategy – a content calendar will help big time.

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  8. Hi Dr. Tanya! Goodness, this is so hard for so many but I learned to prioritize. I say “No!” to a lot of social activities and “mandatory” social grace’s. Strength Training is my number 1 priority. I have to work and my job is demanding but the first true priority is training, after that, the blog. I admit that this extreme prioritizing will not win friends and may even alienate a few but this is what’s important to me. My Grandmother said that *People do what they want to do.” These two things are what I want to do, next is walking my dog. 🐾🐾 I have a special needs family member and he’s a part of every day so between him and my job, these two things are all that I can do and do well. This is a good post posing a question that provokes deep thought…good work!

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  9. I’ve written several posts about productivity, and I generally do well by following my own methods for prioritizing and getting things done. Of course, I completely skipped posting last week, so what do I know? Lol

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