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Enough Time– Part II

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about not having enough time for blogging. You can read that here. After that rant I got thinking about the concept of “enough time”

How much time is “Enough Time”?

“Work tends to expand to fill the time you give it” I read this somewhere and think that it holds true to an extent. If you have just ten minutes to pick up some groceries on your way home, you will most probably stay focused and quickly pick up the exact six or seven items you need. But if you allot half an hour to the same shopping trip, chances are that you will start browsing and take the full 30 minutes to buy the same six or seven things.

Has time shrunk ?

Technology has made life much easier for us. It would probably take half a day trying to enumerate all the ways our lot in life is better now.

Technology, however, has shrunk our time. We no longer have vast stretches of time with nothing to do. The internet is there to occupy every second. Communication is beyond rapid. A business letter that used to take several days reaching us even by air mail is now with us in a few seconds thanks to email and whatsapp.The catch here is that you will be expected to reply just as quickly. Before the internet, you could take your time thinking up a suitable reply or strategy. But time has shrunk !

Is everyone’s concept of “Enough Time” different?

There are some blessed people who can get by on three or four hours of sleep. Then there are people like me who start malfunctioning on less than eight hours. Enough sleep or enough time is therefore not the same for everyone.

Each person works at his or her own pace. The same task can take two people a different time period to finish. But have you noticed that some people always have “enough time” whereas others never do?

Are you one of those lucky ones who always have enough time for all they want to do ?

Or are you like me and never have enough time?

I would love to know so please drop me a line in the comments section below.

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12 thoughts on “Enough Time– Part II

  1. You know me, I try to fit in all that I have to do in the time I have! It works for me. As for sleep, 6-7 hours are good for me. Provided I go to sleep on time. But having a good nights rest under your belt makes the whole day go so much better.

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