Question Fun : Staycation, Vacation or Excavation?

The Topic Today Is – Staycation, Vacation, or Excavation?

What was the last holiday you took away from where you live?

A weeks” trip abroad.

Where did you go?


For you when is the best time to take a vacation [Holiday] as in which season, and why?

All the time ! I love travelling provided I have creature comforts.

Whatever the season , I would ideally choose whatever destination is comfortable at that time. I would choose the Scandinavian countries in summer and the Far East in winter, for example.

Provide five links or titles [your choice] of the best comedy holiday films you have seen to date?

Off hand, the only one I can think of is Tbe Holiday, starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. Thete ate two movies which I really like: these feature murder mysteries in the setting of a holiday. Both are based on Agatha Christie ‘s novels of the same name. These are Death on the Nile and Evil Under the Sun, both starring Peter Ustinov as Poirot.

A series of holiday movies that I detest is Home Alone. The concept of a child left behind gives me the jitters. I am afraid I fail to see the humour.

Did you overspend or underspend to your allocated budget for the vacation that you took?

I am careful that way, I usually manage to stay within budget and I did this time too. Although there are so many temptations in souvenir shops and at airport duty free. I do succumb at times I am only human.

Have you ever fallen unwell, experience jelly belly or worse on a holiday and what happened?

Who hasn’t? I am sure you dont want details.

Are you a mankini/bikini/teenykini or nokini holidayer/vacationer?

No absolutely not.

Last time you went potholing/skydiving/parachuting/dolphin or shark swimming and if none of those, when was the last time you swam in the deep blue?

Never . I dont swim. There is a saying in my language Urdu , which roughly translated means “those who don’t swim never drown”. I just might drown but I have never learned to swim. Ha ha.

How long do you normally vacation away?

It is variable depending on the place and opportunity. The longest I have been away so far is a 25 day holiday in England.

Please provide three musical tracks/song titles that make you feel in the vacation spirit?

Three is difficult off hand. I heard an Arabic song in Dubai “Ya lille ya lilla”. I don’t know what it means but it has a really catchy beat.

Please display five images of the top archaelogical ruins you would love to visit or have visited and please define which they are [as in visited/love to visit].

If you are a staycationer, what do you tend to do when at home on your holiday/vacation break that is different to the normal rotine?

So many things : basically a change in routine like getting up late and having a leisurely breakfast. Also catching up with my favourite pastimes like reading, needlework, movies and now blogging.

Last time you were seriousy sunburnt was?

Not being a “sun worshipper” I have never had tbis problem.

Do you speak any languages if so which and how fluent are you?

I speak English and Urdu (my national language) since I learned to talk. I am not a “language person” however so I am not fluent in any others. When I travel I love picking up local phrases but I am not very good at it.

When on holiday or vacation are you the same as when at home behaviour wise or are you a complete party animal?

I dont think I undergo any metamorphosis when on vacation. I do however like to get as much “juice” out of my holiday as I possibly can.

Have you when away ever upset the locals to the point that the law had to be brought in?

Heaven forbid !!!!!

Provide three images to the worst souvineers you have ever purchased thinking they were fanbloodytastic when you bought them?

Some very expensive key chains, fur caps and scarves that I bought as gifts from Norway. They were not very enthusuastcally received even though they had typical Scandinavian designs. Sorry I dont have pictures.

What is your preference, solo/group/duo or family holiday/vacation time away?

Family holiday anytime. I have never travelled with a group so I would like to try it at least once. Hypothetically, travelling alone could be a great blogging opportunity.

Please name five places you have never seen that you would love to visit?

Kyoto, Japan.

Mykonos, Greece.

Paris and Provence.

Milan and Rome.

Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Why do you want to go there?

Natural beauty, culrure, heritage, history and some shopping of course.

Come on fess up, l’ll not tell a soul, but have you ever seriously embarassed yourself or been embarassed by another when on holiday/vacation so badly that you wanted to excavate yourself right there and then?

That has not happened yet, but you never know, there is always a first time……..

Please explain …. in full detail …. if images ha ha help then go right ahead!

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