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How to always have enough time : 5 easy tips (Enough time Part III)

In an ideal world, everyone would always have enough time for everything. Unfortunately, real life is far from ideal and we keep chasing this elusive sense of “enough time”.

These days, blogging is my favourite activity but I don’t seem able to blog as much as I would like to. You can read about that by clicking here. This got me thinking about the concept of “enough time” as you can see here. I came up with a few simple ideas which may not actually have increased my time but practising them makes me feel like I have enough :

1. Be kind to yourself.

All your life you must have heard lots of well meaning advice to push yourself further : “Go the extra mile” or “you have to do extraordinary work to get extraordinary results”


The truth is that you can perform best only when you are physically and mentally strong. Pushing yourself beyond your limits exhausts you. The quality of work done during this period of “overdrive” is usually far from optimum.

I discovered this the hard way as a student. When studying for exams, whenever I tried to pull an “all nighter ” I ended up really tired. The work I did during that time was not up to scratch niether was my work the next day.

If you want to perform better you must learn to be kind to yourself.


2. Have fewer expectations.

You might, like most of us in the present day, expect too much of yourself. The expectation that you may have of yourself of becoming the perfect professional/worker, perfect parent, a learned scholar and a pro at sports,  may leave you bereft of the opportunity to enjoy any of these roles.

No one can be a pro at everything all of the time. Keping your expectations of yourself realistically few can leave you with enough time to pursue them well..


3. Savour the fun moments

Sometimes the feeling of not having enough time is exactly that : just a feeling. You may get so caught up in the frenetic pace of life that even if you get everything done you still feel you don’t have enough time.

To prevent this kind of self sabotage, it is very important to identify and appreciate any breaks or “fun moments”. Relax when you take your coffee/tea  instead of gulping it down as you go through your files. Take a few moments to appreciate the sunset or sunrise. No matter how busy you are, spend some time with friends and family. Even if this means a phone call or an exchange of emails or text messages, it is very important.

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You will find that slowing down to relax and enjoy yourself takes the frenzy out of the ratrace. It leaves you feeing calmer and in control. You can then work more efficiently thus saving time in the long run.


4. Use “dead space time” efficiently.

There are spaces and even stretches of time in your day, when per force, you can’t do anything. These include unanticipated delays and waiting times. I like to call this “dead space time”. People who learn to utilise these uncharted blocks of time in their day always have enough time for everything.

Suppose you want to learn a new language or read a book. Just download the required app or PDF. You can then pursue your interest during commutes, delays, and even while standing in supermarket queues.


5. Go with the flow.


Now this is a very abstract concept and can sound vague and unrealistic. But it is in fact very practical. If you go with the flow i.e. if you are relaxed and accepting of situations, you will always find yourself with enough time on your hands.

Let me illustrate this. Suppose your dishwasher breaks down and you have to do the entire washing up by hand. You can either fret how it is going to cost you precious minutes or you can “go with the flow”. You can listen to your favourite music or audiobook or podcast  as you do the dishes. See how you have enough time for so many things !

Do you have enough time to do all that you want to do in your daily life? What methods do you practise to manage your time better? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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