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Share Your World 9-16-19

Melanie of sparksfromacombustiblemind has created this quiz for us:

This week I’m doing something a little different. Still questions and answers, but this week I’ve gathered those from other bloggers. There are a few more than usual too, which you can choose to answer all of or some of. If you’ve done the question on that other blogger’s site, feel free to use the answer you gave to them if you want. Each blogger is credited for their contribution.

Suggestions for Responding:

  1. Create a SYW post. Then post the link to your blog in my comment box or leave your answers in the comments box of my blog.
  2. To make it easy for others to check out your post, title your blog post “Share Your World” and link it to this post.
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  4. Ping-backs are activated, but how efficiently varies. For instructions on how ping-backs work, in case you weren’t certain, please click here. You may wish to leave a link to your blog post in the comments just to be sure. Thanks!


Courtesy of Rory:

Are we losing the art of listening in comparison to simply hearing?

Absolutely. When talking to each other these days we are usually looking at some device; smartphone, laptop or TV. So even though we are listening our attention is divided. Furthermore , people today have become far more opinionated, intolerant and judgmental than they used to be. This makes them block out anytbing that is beyond their own perspective. Since hearing involves comprehension too, these days we are more likely to be merely listening.

How often do you openly discuss with friends or here in WP with your readership topics that make you feel uncomfortable or may be taboo or stigma laden?

For the reasons mentioned in my answer above I usually steer clear of controversial topics on my blog. Also my aim is to keep the mood light .

Do you think that these discussions should be freely discussed and written about more?

I think they should be addressed but not indiscriminately on every platform. They need the appropriate context and milieu.

Did you have a nickname as a child and if so, what was [or what is it now]?

Nope. Even if I did Do you think I would share it? (Now doesn’t that make me sound guilty?).

Why is there still ‘stuff’ we simply just don’t understand despite our progressive world?

Would you rather double your height or lose half your weight? (In response to last week’s double your weight, half your height query). Thanks Leslie!   Suggestion by Leslie – Swot8

Oh half my weight anytime !

What is your most essential kitchen tool? (Can be a person you know. For the non-cooks in the crowd).

A properly working kitchen drain. Life can be horrific if the sink gets blocked.

Courtesy of Roger Shipp

Gratitude Question:

Who is one blogger you really admire and why?

I really admire Sadje of Keep It Alive for her talent and her dedication to blogging.


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